About Us

  • Kevin arrives to you to serve your needs.

Complete septic maintenance service with experience you can trust!


 My name is Kevin Schiferli and I’m excited to introduce you to my business, Elite Septic Maintenance! I live in Mora with my wife and three children on a farm raising horses, goats and sheep. Running my own business has always been my goal, I’m passionate about it and proud to be on my own – I am so motivated! I previously worked for three years with Donny Holznagel who’s had tremendous experience in the field of waste management. Along with onsite training with Donny, I’ve made it my mission to be professionally trained in the physics and chemical composition of decomposition.
Let me relieve you of your concerns about your septic system. I am trained and prolific in details regarding how a properly maintained system digests.
I can service your septic system on a regular schedule for you, or when the need arises, as when it does – you will want me there “Johnny on the Spot”!
With 24 hour emergency service, I’m your man with the big white tank!


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